About Us

Founded in 1998, Rivervalley has positioned itself as one of the finest residential masonry contractors in the GTA and surrounding areas.

Rivervalley's Mission is to deliver superior and efficient workmanship by employing highly skilled workers and premium materials; to ensure synergy between working processes and to be the premier masonry company in Ontario.

Throughout the last decade, Rivervalley has moved quickly to establish solid relations with major residential builders in Southwestern Ontario. This achievement was made possible by working hard to ensure the best quality of workmanship, meeting delivery schedules and providing excellent customer service.

The launch of Rivervalley took place when the construction industry boomed in the beginning of the millennium, at a time when the demand for bricked and stoned houses also increased in Southern Ontario. Homeowners nowadays look more and more for solid and esthetically good looking houses.

Benefiting from the environment, the vision of the company's management and hard work, Rivervalley has grown in workforce and productivity levels by a factor of 400% within the last 10 years. At present the company is focusing on maximizing operational efficiency while maintaining service excellence.

Due to the fast growth, Rivervalley has moved to improve policies and procedures that will:

  • Always ensure proper quality controls
  • Help its workers adhere to safety regulations
  • Maintain effective levels of customer service

These changes are improving the organization and efficiency of the company and will ensure customers' satisfaction and a pleasant working environment.

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